This absolutely disgusts me beyond anything. NO ONE should ever be bullied based on their sexual preference. It is NOT a choice and bullying someone for something they can’t help is what’s wrong with today’s society. I was Googling articles on suicidal stories for gay teens and found MILLIONS of results. That’s disgusting. This “choice” that people like me are making has resulted in the highest rates of suicide among any group of individuals. If it was a choice wouldn’t you think we’d change to avoid all of this? Unfortunately that’s not how it works and just as teens start accepting themselves they get even more shit from people. If that’s not bad enough imagine this. Imagine being kicked out of your home because your parents don’t agree with you. Imagine not being able to go to church because you’re seen as a walking sin going to hell. Imagine walking down the halls and getting beat up. All of these are things that happen in the life of a gay adolescent. Why is it people hate people solely on liking someone of the same gender? WHY! How does that possibly bother you in any way?? It’s not even any of your business anyways. In no way does it affect your way of living. I really hope you didn’t scroll past this simply because it had the word gay in it and you don’t want to have anything to do with it. Please just know what a gay teen like me struggles through EVERY day. I’m not going to make you reblog this but if you did that would be nice to help show people how hard it is to live like this. I hope it opened your eyes and maybe if you see a gay person walking the halls; please say hi and let them know it’s okay. That’s all we really want is to have people who care. When we have no one there for us, that’s when gay teens decide to take their own lives.

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kyoukai no kanata  winter scenery

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I’m sorry mom, I’m sorry dad,
I didn’t ever think it would get this bad.
But I think it’s time for me to go,
For time on this earth passes way too slow.
I’ve tried to be tough, I’ve tried to be strong,
I’ve put up with these voices, for many years too long.
I’m scared to live, I’m scared to die,
I’m scared to stop, I’m scared to try.
Is this a life that’s even worth living?
Sometimes I don’t know, and I’m about to give in.

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Parents don’t understand that sometimes “just teasing” can actually really hurt.

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